No more renumbering

Avoid costly and challenging IPv4 and IPv6 addresses renumbering.

More IPv4 addresses

Get more IPv4 and IPv6 address space for your customers and services.


Take advantage of worthwhile multihoming via multiple ISPs using BGP protocol.

Load balancing

With independent IP addresses you can effectively balance the load between multiple transit routes and operators.

Peering, IXP, PNI

Take advantage of interconnecting with other networks in internet exchange points (IXP) or directly by private peering (PNI).


for internet service providers

Enterprises and Government Institutions

For network connection and services in company or organization


for servers and services in datacentres

What is an independent IP address?

Independent IP address is a type of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, which is not tied to any specific Internet service provider and can operate with any provider.

What are the advantages of independent IP addresses?

Thanks to the independence of IP addresses it is possible to change a service provider without interruption as well as to avoid changing public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (readdressing) in the whole network.

Independent IP addresses also allow implementation of fully redundant connectivity through two or more Internet service providers (multihoming) or optimal distribution (balancing) of the load among multiple lines (load balancing).

Independent IP addresses can be also used to extend the existing IPv4 address space.

Who may use independent IP addresses?

There are no restrictions limitating the use of independent IP addresses so they can be used by anyone.





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